Home & Auto Insurance

Home & Auto Insurance

It's not the regular little payments that hurt you, it's not being able to pay the high cost of damage caused by things that you can't control. The driver behind you who decided to run the red light, an ember from a neighbor's grill--these are things that can have devastating consequences. Insure your home and auto from the unforeseen obstacles that would otherwise set your back.

Let's work together and find the coverage limits, deductibles, and payment options that are best for you!

Home Insurance

Your home is an important assett and may represent the biggest investment of your life. The Stover Company has options to help protect you from things beyond your control.Home insurance

In South Carolina, nearly 60% of all homes are under insured (Marshall & Swift/Boeckh). This is a risk that most people are not prepared to take if disaster strikes and threatens your family's well being.

You should insure your home for the full amount it would cost to rebuild it. The three ways to insure your home dwelling are:

Replacement Cost
Insurance that pays the cost of replacing the damaged property. Limited to a maximum dollar amount.

Guaranteed Replacement Cost Insurance that pays the full cost of replacing damaged property, with no dollar limit. (Not available in all states. Restrictions may apply.)

Actual Cash Value
Insurance that pays an amount equal to the replacement value of damaged property minus an allowance for depreciation.

Insure your home now.


Auto Insurance

We have a plan for almost every kind of ride. From trucks to hybrids to motorcycles to your basic automobile, The Stover Company is dedicated to providing you with affordable, comprehensive coverage.